About Us

Our company is a professional manufacturer in Hong Kong. Our factory is located in Shenzhen producing a comprehensive range of memo products which include many different types and designs of products, like slanted cut memo pads, memo cubes, swirl memo cubes, combined memo pads, die cut memo pads, box-packed memo notes and notepads with both sticky and standard styles. Also, delivery time is just around 2 weeks time for quantity less than 5,000!!!

Moreover, we produce different kinds of lanyards. You can find our lanyard quality is much better than others you ever find in the market. Silk-screen lanyards, woven-in lanyards, heat-transfer lanyards, special lanyards like reflective type lanyards, glow in the dark lanyards, 3D lanyards and many different custom made lanyards are all available in our factories. Our factories are located in Shenzhen and Dongguan in China, providing professional memo and lanyard products.